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    The Oceans of Data Institute (ODI)

    is dedicated to transforming education to help people succeed in school, work, and life in a data-intensive world.

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  • Hurricane Bill.  Photo: Flickr user Jason Hunter, CC BY 2.0
    Real World, Real Science:

    Using NASA data to explore weather and climate

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  • Ruth Krumhansl presenting
    Building Global Interest in Data Literacy

    ODI and IBM teamed up for a 3-day workshop, bringing in a panel of experts to discuss data literacy.

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  • Ocean Tracks Interface
    Ocean Tracks College Edition

    Web-based visualization and analysis tools to create active learning experiences for students at the undergraduate level.

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  • EDC Earth Science curriculum
    EDC Earth Science

    A curriculum that explores current and compelling questions using authentic data.

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What's Happening

The outcomes and key takeaways from ODI's workshop on data literacy have been captured in our new report: Building Global Interest in Data Literacy: A Dialogue. Learn more about the workshop, co-... Read more
Ruth Krumhansl was a guest speaker at the East Bay Educational Collaborative Professional Development Center in Warren, Rhode Island on April 12, 2016. Her talk was on preparing students for a data-... Read more
Visualizing Oceans of Data: Ocean Tracks – A Case Study (2016) discusses the design and development of a student interface called Ocean Tracks and reflects on the design guidelines from the... Read more



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