• students working with data
    Science is data intensive.

    Shouldn't science education be, too? The Institute's Ocean Tracks project is bringing students to the virtual seas.

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  • Ocean Tracks Interface
    Ocean Tracks College Edition

    Web-based visualization and analysis tools to create active learning experiences for students at the undergraduate level.

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  • How do students perceive data?
    How do students perceive data?

    The Institute is using what's known about visual perception to create better interfaces.

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  • EDC Earth Science curriculum
    EDC Earth Science

    A curriculum that explores current and compelling questions using authentic data.

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  • Joyce leading expert panel discussion
    Defining the Big-Data-Enabled Specialist

    What skills and knowledge do you need to be successful in a Big Data world?

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  • Data visualizations matter

    The Institute is working to understand how students interpret data—and how this impacts their understanding.

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