Samsung Innovation Campus Artificial Intelligence Course - Data as Motivation

The term Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has been around since the 1950s and been much hyped. Yet, it took several decades before computational power was strong enough to support the concept of computers solving problems that normally were only in the realm of humans' ability to think. Today, however, computers have the capacity to store and learn from huge and complex sets of information (“big data”) far more quickly than humans. The challenge now is to build capabilities of a workforce to understand, design, and implement AI, and to communicate the results.

Education Development Center (EDC), is working with Samsung’s Innovation Campus to bring their online Artificial Intelligence course to the U.S. This first course offering is taking place as a pilot during the fall and winter of 2021/22. Students enrolled in the 22-week course are gaining a grasp of data science tools and applications, mathematical algorithms, AI modeling, and machine learning tools, and are learning how to use AI to do real-world problem solving. They’re also building practical experience in AI theory, design, and implementation, as well as communicating results, and will receive an industry recognized Samsung AI course certificate. The goal is to prepare these students to enter the rapidly emerging AI field. During the pilot, EDC-recruited instructors and assistants will shadow the existing course instructors, learning both the specific content and structure of the course. 

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