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This community was created for colleges and community colleges to discuss and learn about data program development. We invite you to explore our resources, specifically the Profile of the Data Practitioner, The Two-Year College Data Science Summit Report, and Tools for Building a Big Data Career Path.

In addition to our workforce preparation-focused newsletter and the discussion forum, we will share related blog posts with this community and host webinars on data pathways topics. If you have a topic or question that you would like to discuss, email or

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Forum Topics: Introductions | Institutional Process for Creating new Courses & Programs

Institutional Process for Creating New Courses & Programs

Each college has its own process for creating new courses and programs. Have you been through this process before? (if so, what did you learn?) If you haven't been through this process, we recommend that you research the steps and documentation needed at your institution and use the forum to ask questions of each other and compare steps to see if others in our community have similar processes.


Introduce yourselves!

  • Name
  • College Name
  • Describe Your College (2 or 4 year? Rural or Urban? MSI?)
  • What Data Courses Does Your College Currently Offer?

Use comments to ask questions of one another. We'll be addressing additional topics in subsequent discussions.

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