What Do Geoscience Novices and Experts Look at and What Do They See when Viewing Geoscience Data Visualizations

This poster was aimed at an interdisciplinary audience who work on all sorts of visualizations across all fields of science and science education. It reports the findings from a study in which we used eye-tracking and video-taped think aloud interviews to study how geoscience novices and experts interpret topographic and bathymetric data visualizations.

Is the Fourth Paradigm really new?

(October 2012)

The "Fourth Paradigm" of Science, which seeks insight by mining vast archives of existing data rather than by doing experiments to gather new data, is being touted as a new method of doing science.  But Walter Pitman mined data archives in 1966, as did Tanya Atwater in 1970, so is “The Fourth Paradigm” really new?...

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