Randy Kochevar

Managing Project Director, EDC

Randy Kochevar has expertise in marine biology and conservation, promotion of data literacy, Web development, research, and science communications. He brings passion for science and conservation—as well as a proven ability to make complex scientific concepts engaging and comprehensible for diverse audiences—to his R&D of innovative online educational resources for teachers, students, and the public. In the Oceans of Data Institute, Kochevar leads a team that is working to transform K–16 science education to support students' entry into a world of big data through instructional design, research, and strategic partnerships with education and industry leaders. Kochevar shares his expertise in helping scientific research programs design and implement effective educational and outreach programs at the national conferences of organizations such as the American Geophysical Union. Kochevar earned his BS in Biology from Colorado College and obtained his PhD in Deep-Sea Physiology from University of California-Santa Barbara.

ODI Role: 
Director, ODI
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