About Us

EDC's Oceans of Data Institute (ODI) is dedicated to transforming education to help people succeed in school, work, and life in a data-intensive world. We envision a world where everyone has the skills and knowledge to make informed decisions and achieve new insights and understandings using data.

Our work is organized in two main strands:

K-16: transforming K-16 classrooms through the integration of data skills into STEM teaching and learning.

Workforce Prep: working with community colleges, big data industry experts, and career and technical educators, to help prepare students and early career professionals to succeed in the big data world.

Grounded in EDC’s long history of innovative education work, ODI staff work with partners from a variety of institutions, including scientists and engineers, educators and business people, researchers and developers to

  • develop and test educational materials, including curricula, interactive multimedia experiences, and teacher supports;
  • conduct research to improve our understanding of what works in data education; and
  • convene meetings of innovators and thought leaders to help shape our work to meet the needs of tomorrow’s learners.  



ODI began as an initiative of the Learning and Teaching Division at Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC). For more than 50 years, EDC has been a leader in efforts to solve a wide range of educational, health, and social problems and is recognized for the high quality of its program and product development, research, technical assistance, and professional and organizational development. EDC has long been a pioneer in science education.  We confront challenges collaboratively, working closely with scientists, educators, schools, and districts to create solutions that sustain meaningful change. Our field- and research-based expertise enables us to better understand how learners learn and what it takes to support learning within or outside the classroom.

Meet the ODI staff that make our work possible.

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