Samsung Innovation Campus Artificial Intelligence Course - Data as Motivation

The term Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has been around since the 1950s and been much hyped. Yet, it took several decades before computational power was strong enough to support the concept of computers solving problems that normally were only in the realm of humans' ability to think. Today, however, computers have the capacity to store and learn from huge and complex sets of information (“big data”) far more quickly than humans. The challenge now is to build capabilities of a workforce to understand, design, and implement AI, and to communicate the results.

Education Development Center (EDC), is working with Samsung’s Innovation Campus to bring their online Artificial Intelligence course to the U.S. Students enrolled in the course will gain a grasp of data science tools and applications, mathematical algorithms, AI modeling, and machine learning tools, and are learning how to use AI to do real-world problem solving. They will also build practical experience in AI theory, design, and implementation, as well as communicating results, and will receive an industry recognized Samsung AI course certificate. The goal is to prepare these students to enter the rapidly emerging AI field. 


Why this course?
  • You will learn AI modeling on a concrete foundation of mathematics.
  • Our curriculum will help you to experience machine learning tools and real-world problem solving with various exercises and practical capstone projects.
  • All learning materials provided for free.
Course highlights
  • Understand the basic concepts of Probability, Statistics, Linear Algebra, and Python
  • Implement AI (machine learning and deep learning)
  • Grasp landscape of data science tools and their applications
  • Learn the process of designing, implementing, and communicating project results
  • Meet Samsung employees and industry professionals
Eligibility: Eligible candidates who are interested in AI. Coding & basic statistics experience required. Priority given to women students residing in the U.S. See learner prerequisites and course expectations below.
Schedule: November 2022 – May 2023 (online)
Cost: Free
Learner Prerequisites:
  • Resident of the United States
  • Programming experience
    • Python experience required 
  • Math
    • Algebra II (linear algebra – matrix operations) 
    • Pre-calculus (probability and statistics) 
  • Priority will be given to women candidates for the offering of this course

Course Expectations:

Date Format Required Time Committment
November 2022 Live 4 hours
December 2022 Live 4 hours
January 2023 Asynchronous 4 hours/session
February -May 2023 Asynchronous/Synchronous 4.5 hours asynchronous/1.5 hours synchronous (7 hours total per week)


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