Building a Data Science Pathway on California’s Central Coast

EDC’s Oceans of Data Institute worked with participating colleges of the Coast Community College District to strengthen their efforts to develop a regional career pathway for data science specialists. ODI focused on two goals:

1) conduct a landscaping study of regional data skills/ worker needs and

2) facilitate the integration of ODI’s profile of a Data Practitioner into the design of a regional data worker pathway.

ODI identified current and projected regional needs for data skills and data jobs across a wide swath of industry sectors and provided a report that summarizes our findings and provides recommendations for the Coast Community College District faculty and the industry sectors.

The colleges affiliated with the Coast Community College District (CCCD) in Southern California collaborate on delivering career pathways in several industry sectors. Their successful operation largely depends upon the individuals serving in the role of Pathway Director. Pathway Directors build partnerships with employers, provide outreach to schools and communities, and coordinate career related services to students. To support CCCD's efforts, EDC created The Profile of a Pathway Director, which describes these responsibilities in greater detail and identifies the skills, knowledge and behaviors needed to be effective in the job. The profile can be used by other colleges as a model for designing similar liaison positions for their career pathways.

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