Blueprints for Exploring Data with National Geographic

In this exploratory project, ODI will collaborate with National Geographic Explorers, educators, and programs to identify specific datasets and “data stories” that would lend themselves to the creation of compelling learning modules for development and deployment in National Geographic’s classroom resources. Specifically, the goal of this project is to take National Geographic Explorer data and create a tool to make the data accessible and in which students can manipulate it to better understand educational concepts. The creation of data-rich, standards-based, classroom-relevant learning experiences takes a unique combination of interesting data and effective scaffolding, which allows learners to unfold an interesting data story through their own inquiry. One key to doing this well involves close collaboration between curriculum developers and subject matter experts to understand not only the stories that a particular dataset tells – but more importantly, the “moves” one has to make to drive that storyline from beginning to end. This narrative arc, based generally on the well-documented “5 E’s” model (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate) forms the basis of effective learning experiences.

ODI will produce at least 6-8 learning module outlines with National Geographic content, each based on a unique dataset or selection of datasets, providing a descriptive overview of the various elements of that learning experience. These outlines will be the blueprint for future module development for National Geographic’s classroom resources.

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