Profile of a Big-Data-Enabled Specialist

ODI gathered a panel of experts from the scientific, education, business, and law enforcement fields to develop an occupational profile that describes the specific skills and knowledge needed to compete in a big-data-centered economy. This work is the first of its kind in the field. It is our hope that the results will help inform conversations about college and career readiness at the K–16 education level.

Why the big-data-enabled specialist?
As big data becomes more influential in shaping the work and thinking of so many industries, we want to be prepared to raise a generation with the skills and knowledge to work with big data. We define big-data-enabled specialists as individuals who wrangle and analyze large and/or complex data sets to enable new capabilities including discovery, decision support, and improved outcomes.

What is an occupational profile?
An occupational profile presents a detailed synopsis of what a particular professional does, as well as the skills, knowledge, and behaviors that enable him or her to succeed in the workplace. These profiles guide educators in the design of curricula and training programs.

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