Preschool Data Toolbox

The Preschool Data Toolbox is a teacher-facing app plus digital teacher guide (available in the Apple and Android stores or online) that provides lesson plans for a series of data-focused investigations.

The app allows teachers and preschoolers to work with the data and quickly and easily create graphs and tally charts. Children are encouraged to engage in a “data talk” to discuss what the data means. After creating the graph, the app’s tools allow teachers to draw on the screen with their finger, sort data, view data talk questions, and transform the way data is represented from pictures to stacked blocks or solid bars. Investigations involve hands-on materials, books, and physical movement, in addition to using the app. The app also allows teachers and preschoolers to create their own graphs and tally charts to answer questions they are interested in. Teachers can create a “data story” in which they take the graphs created and add text to narrate the journey through the process of asking research questions, collecting data, creating the graph, and describing their data talk.

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