Data Stories: Co-Designing Curricula and Tools with Teachers to Support Middle School Youth’s Critical Data Literacy through Remixing

Youth are avid creators and consumers of data-based claims through their participation on social media sites, in which they view, create, and share content. They remix content, building off one another’s videos, gifs, and memes to represent and discuss topics they care about. However, participation on these same platforms can result in echo chambers, misinformation, and proliferation of perspectives that are detached from human experience. This project aims to develop curricula and tools with middle school Math and English teachers that will leverage youth’s practices with digital media remixing to develop argumentation skills and critical data literacy around socio-political issues. The project will develop digital tools and learning activities, including scaffolding and interaction design, to integrate youth’s culturally relevant media practices, critical data investigations, and communication through the remixing of preexisting online media.

Researchers will use mixed methods to analyze documentation, participant interviews, classroom observations, and implementation artifacts, to answer three research questions: (1) What remixing affordances can support students’ critical data reasoning practices?, (2) How can we support the implementation of critical data storytelling tools in diverse classroom contexts?, and (3) How do the remixing affordances of the critical data storytelling tools support students in developing and applying critical data literacy practices?

Project Team members:

  • Ralph Vacca (Fordham University), Principal Investigator
  • Kayla DesPortes (NYU), Co-Principal Investigator
  • Camillia Matuk (NYU), Co-Principal Investigator
  • Megan Silander (EDC), Co-Principal Investigator
  • Anna Amato (NYU)
  • Peter Woods (University of Nottingham)

This project was funded by the National Science Foundation, grant # 2302659.


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