Call for Action to Promote Data Literacy

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In October, a panel of 12 professionals from both data-intensive industries and K-16 education came together at IBM to draft and endorse the following Proclamation of the Need for Data Literacy:

Call for Action
Data drives discovery, decision-making, and innovation. The quantity of data created globally is growing exponentially, and data is everywhere. Data touches all aspects of our lives, including our health, our environment and our role as citizens. However, our current education systems have not been equipped to produce either the workforce or the citizenry with the skills, knowledge and judgment to make wise use of the data streams that our technologies are delivering. Specifically, we the undersigned see a growing urgency for the promotion of global data literacy for the following reasons:

Our world economy and our jobs are increasingly defined by data and by the knowledge and skills required to use it effectively;

We are all perpetually producing streams of data, which we need to shape and manage to ensure our privacy and personal security;

Effective use of data empowers us to make objective, evidence-based inferences and fundamental decisions affecting our lives, both as individuals and among societies.

In light of this, we are calling for a revolution in education, placing data literacy at its core, integrated throughout K-16 education nationwide and around the world. By enabling learners to use data more effectively, we prepare them to make better decisions and to lead more secure, better-informed and productive lives.

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