Accepting Applications for the Samsung Innovation Campus AI Course

Samsung Innovation Campus AI CourseInterested in a free AI course offered by Samsung? Apply today!
Why this course?
  • You will learn AI modeling on a concrete foundation of mathematics.
  • Our curriculum will help you to experience machine learning tools and real-world problem solving with various exercises and practical capstone projects.
  • All learning materials provided for free.
Course highlights
  • Understand the basic concepts of Probability, Statistics, Linear Algebra, and Python
  • Implement AI (machine learning and deep learning)
  • Grasp landscape of data science tools and their applications
  • Learn the process of designing, implementing, and communicating project results
  • Meet Samsung employees and industry professionals
Eligibility: Eligible candidates who are interested in AI. Coding & basic statistics experience required. Priority given to women students residing in the U.S.
Schedule: November 2022 – May 2023 (online)
Cost: Free
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