Upcoming Presentation on Data Literacy and Media Literacy

Randy Kochevar will be representing ODI at the National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE) Conference. The session is on Tuesday, June 27 from 2-3 PM, titled "Media Literacy Across Disciplines." Co-presenters include Mary Caton-Rosser & Mary Moen

Media literacy education has found itself in various subject areas and disciplines—from arts education to journalism, from English classrooms to media production programs. This session includes presentations that represent a variety of disciplines and perspectives on media literacy education.

Randy will be discussing “Data Literacy and Media Literacy: Finding Common Ground in K-12 Education.” Abstract: We are surrounded by data. In the news, on the Web, in all of the media we consume, we are bombarded with data, and interpretations of data. Furthermore, in our daily lives, we produce a rich stream of data about our behaviors, our interests, and our health; and these data are increasingly used to shape our experiences – the ads we see, the political campaigns we hear from, the television programs and movies we see.  At the Oceans of Data Institute, we are working to transform education to help people succeed in school, work, and life in this data-intensive world. At the core of this work are the critical thinking skills required to make meaning from data, to identify alternative interpretations for data or observations, to separate relevant from irrelevant information, and to use data to effectively communicate ideas. We see a great deal of overlap between these skills and those associated with the broader field of media literacy. In this talk we will explore those areas of overlap, and discuss possible strategies for integrating these ideas in a K-16 classroom setting.

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