Webinar Presentation on Exploring Urban Mobility

On March 13th at 12pm ET (9am PT), ODI's Randy Kochevar discussed data science education in a free webinar, Exploring Urban Mobility: Using Data to Solve Problems of the Future, hosted by The Concord Consortium.

Watch the Recording.  

According to IGI Global, Urban Mobility is defined as “The whole of trips generated daily by the inhabitants of a city, and the methods and conditions associated with such trips (modes of transport selected, length of trip, time spent in transport, etc.)” As modes of transportation become more diverse, and innovations like self-driving cars and smart streets become more commonplace, the challenges of designing urban mobility systems are becoming more and more complex.

Zoom In: Urban Mobility is a GM-funded project at EDC’s Oceans of Data Institute. Designed for high school or undergraduate students, the lessons developed for this project use the innovative “Zoom In” learning platform, which supports students’ skills in making arguments from evidence and writing about their findings. Over the past year, we have developed two lessons: one uses data from Hurricane Katrina to help students study the challenges of evacuating a large city in an emergency, and explore the various factors that pose the greatest threats to human health and safety; and the other uses data from New York’s bike share program to examine the ways that different transportation systems work together to move millions of people each day through the “city that never sleeps.” In the session, participants will be invited to walk through one (or both if time allows) of these lessons, playing with the data themselves, and seeing how the Zoom In framework supports student inquiry and helps to develop their skills in writing about what they discover in the data.

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