Streams of Data Kickoff

Our new Streams of Data project will hold a kickoff meeting in Alexandria, Virginia on October 2-4. The following week, on October 8, we will be meeting with our advisory board virtually. Advisory board members include:

  • Michael Bowen (Associate Professor, Science Education, Mount St. Vincent University)
  • Dave Gosselin (Director of Environmental Studies, Earth Systems Scientist, University of Nebraska-Lincoln) 
  • Steve Kerlin (Director of Education, Stroud Water Research Center) 
  • Louisa Koch (Director of Education, NOAA)
  • Richard Lehrer (Frank Mayborn Professor, Vanderbilt Peabody College)
  • Chris Quintana (Associate Professor, University of Michigan)
  • Susan Jo Russell (Principal Scientist, TERC)
  • Eleanor Snow (Manager, Youth and Education Science, USGS)
  • Phillip Vahey (Director of Strategic Research and Innovation, Center for Technology in Learning, SRI International) 
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