Announcing our New Mentee Colleges!

We want to congratulate the following community colleges on being selected to be mentored as part of our Mentoring New Data Pathways in Community Colleges project!

  • Bridgerland Technical College, Utah
  • Del Mar College, Texas
  • Green River College, Washington
  • Harford Community College, Maryland
  • Nashville State Community College, Tennessee
  • Honolulu Community College (HonCC), Hawaii

The six institutions will be mentored by our partners at the Bunker Hill, Sinclair, and Normandale Community Colleges, who created their own data programs recently through our Creating Pathways for Big Data Careers project. The mentees will be guided as they: 1) conduct an internal self-assessment of their college’s data program development assets; 2) develop and implement a strategic plan to create their new data program; 3) work with employers to prioritize work tasks required for success in local industries; 4) align courses/curriculum to local industry skill demand; 5) establish broad, internal support for the new data program, and 6) develop a new program proposal for their college’s curriculum committee. 

This work is funded by the National Science Foundation. Learn more in our latest newsletter! 

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